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Post by JustinBieber1Fan on Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:05 am

Hi, we are doing a Jobs club section. For each job is a club. And you have to think you have the responsibility for it. Just pick any job you want. PM the job form for the job you want. We are picking people every week so don't be worried. =]

[[Job Forms]]
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Do You Know How To Take Pictures On BABV:
Are You Willing To Take Pictures Of The Events For EBABV?:
[Photographers go on parties every little party for EBABV and take pictures. If you do not know how to do this please do not pick this job.]
News Officer:
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Do You Know How To Post BABV News?:
Do You Know Where To Post BABV News?:
[News Officers take the news for BABV news.]
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Are You Responsible For This Job?:
Do You Like To Help EBABV?:
[Jr.Admins Take The Responsibility just like real Admins and if you are a Jr.Admin and has been doing really well, you may be an Admin some day.]
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Do You Like Lending People Things?:
Do You Like To Help People?:
[Apprentices are people who like to help and lend people things. They also lend a helping hand!]
Graphic Artists:
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Are You Good At Making Graphics?:
[Graphic Artists are good graphic makers who don't ask for an avvie or siggy they have the responsibility for people for the graphic they need.]
Pawty Planners:
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Do You Know How To Plan Parties?:
Are You Good At Planning Parties?:
Are You Going To Host Any Party You Would Like For EBABV?:
[Pawty Planners host parties and makes a party invitation and posts it in the Party Section.]
Chatbox Moderator:
EBABV Username:
BABV Username:
Do You Know How To Moderate The Chatbox?
Do You Know Where The Chatbox Is?
[Chatbox Moderators moderate the Chatbox. If Admin is they tell the Admin to clear posts and to see what people are behaving.]
The Admins.
You may not ask for this job you have to get a responsibility. Admins will be choose EVERY week as well. But, please do ask for any other jobs. Thank you for your time! =]

You rock! =]

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