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For A Contest------- LIFE OF ME

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For A Contest------- LIFE OF ME Empty For A Contest------- LIFE OF ME

Post by JustinBieber1Fan on Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:21 pm

The day of March 31,2010, I was just walking by alone on the streets looking for my friend, AbbieBallet189. Waiting for her, she left. Dancing the Maxine Move, lonely... Walking round and round thinking of what to do. I was thinking that I could do a blog at Wordpress.com, the one that you are reading right now. Feeling confused..... Nothing to do except to write this blog. Spring-break sometimes boring. Nothing could change, 5 more months until my birthday. I can't wait... Looking on BGF finding all the eggs for the Egg-Hunt didn't find any yet. Hardest contest ever. Almost lunch-time, not really hungry. I had breakfast like 1 hour ago. Scrambled egg, yummy. I am not sure that my hunger will not come back. Going to Bear-Bridge-Asia an un-popular den. Usally Philippines in in Asia so I go there nowadays. I used to go to USA but no-one talking to me. I just do Jr.CybearGuiding skills around there and people seem they do not need help. I still love BABV no matter- what. Lunch is going to be 1 hour from now. Sunny every 5 minutes and the sun fade every 5 minute too, as I know. It will rain tomorrow, as my mom said in a different language. April Fools Day coming Tomorrow I can't wait. Even Easter is coming. I'm going to wear my blue-pearl dress on easter. Mostly every Easter I get the most eggs. 4 more days until Spring-Break ends. The side of my left nose hurts. Nothing to do except chat with Admin, AbbieBallet189... Hearing Baby by Justin Bieber in BABV somehow. Really scary.... Scamming...... I am not scamming though someone who's e-mail adress is buildabearworkshop@live.com asking someone to give them their user-name and password. All though, babv's last of e-mail is ''buildabear.com'' hearing movie commercials on the T.V. I know I'm writing a lot. I'm just so mad that someone is going to ban BABV and BGF off the internet, one of my favorite sites. Last day of March... Lots of drama this month. Hopefully April will be the bestest month of 2010. 342 words right now. I think I can't make it to 1,500. I still don't want to quit. 3 more months until Summer-Vacation. Hands are still not tired, but my brain is.............. Can't think any longer but, I would rather get a head-ache than a stomache-ache. I'm writing way too much. I can't even write this much on my real writing at school. If I go on and on this will be turned into a chapter-book somehow. Or a best-selling book. Writing I had always loved. Staring at coffee making me wanting to drink it. I drank coffee last night. I got decaf so I can get to sleep. Sleeping makes you have energy.I want to write more. This blog is for a contest. I am not considered into winnning, I just like writing blogs. But if I won, I would still be happy though. I love writing poetry too. And now I'm speaking like I'm writing a book. Writing a book has always been my life. Ok I didn't get to 1,501 words but I tried. Well as long as I wrote 500 I'm fine. My left arm hurts. So I'm stopping. I'm afraid it will fall off. Well bye bye.

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