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Pet Food Store Empty Pet Food Store

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:53 pm

Here, you can tell me which food you would like to purchase for your pet(s)!

Sub: Pet Food Store 25typ3m 10 coins (Lasts 5 days)
Dog Food and Water with Bone: Pet Food Store Sdk66h 15 coins (Lasts 6 days)
Strawberries: Pet Food Store J7q60x 5 coins (Lasts 1 day)
Carrots: Pet Food Store 24pwb4p 5 coins (Lasts 2 days)
Fruit Bowl: Pet Food Store 2usipfo 5 coins (Lasts 2 days)

I will add more in the future. But when your pet needs more food, and there food bowl is empty, I will send a PM that it is, just to let you know. Smile

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